Resetting your email password

First, the ONLY place that you can change your Office365 password is in the web view of your account. You should start by logging in at  Upon login for the 1st time you will see this screen.

The first screen will ask you for a secondary email and a phone number. These will be used to send you a code when you reset the password.  You can enter your phone number and a personal email account. Each time, you will have to verify it by accepting and entering a code.  All users will need to do this whether you change your password or not. You will ONLY see this screen the 1st time you log in if you enter in the added information.

To change the password log into the account by going to and sign in using your email address as your username and your current password. I sent each of you a welcome email with your password when you started. If you don’t have that or know your password, then email either of us. Look to the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Click on your account picture and then select My Office Profile.

Then, on the profile page, click the setting icon (gear), and then change password.

You will then see the screen where you can change the password.  Enter the old password and then the new one twice.

You will have to log back in after doing this.  Make sure that the password is not something that you use for “all your passwords”.  It must be at least 8 characters and should have numbers, and both Caps and lower-case letters.  Make a note of the password.  You are the only one that knows it.  We cannot see it anywhere.  If we need into your account, we will have to reset it ourselves.  Once you reset it online, you will need to put the new password into all the places it is used.  OneDrive, Teams, and Outlook all use the same password. You will need to enter it into all 3 places on your PC and perhaps your phone if you have it set up, as well.


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