Setting up a New Laptop for Business Use

Here are some instructions for when you buy a new computer that you need to get added to your business account. These are usually laptops that someone at your company has purchased locally. We need for you to get the machine on, connected to the internet, and our remote software installed so that we can get on the machine remotely and finish setting it up for you.

The first step is booting the machine for the 1st time. The key point here is that you will be creating a username and password for the machine. Do not create a Microsoft account. A MS account will allow all your machines to sync information. In this case, this is a business machine that most likely belongs to your company. If this machine gets replaced and passed to another employee later on in its life, we don’t want to have to deal with a connection to your personal email or storage accounts.

Step 1 – Make sure the machine is plugged into the wall and boot it up. Generally, the default options will work fine until you get to where you are asked to create an account. Your screens may not look the same as these, but they should be close.

Choose Personal Account

Here is where they push for a Microsoft account. Click Offline account, then next.

And, once again you are asked if you are sure you don’t want a MS account. Click No.

At that point, you will be able to create a username and password for the machine and it will continue the set-up process. Go through the rest of the setup and log into your account. Make sure that the machine is connected to the internet. Open a browser and go to Google to make sure.

Step 2 – go to your email and open the message that we sent you with the link to install our remote software, Splashtop. If we sent it to your work account and we are providing your email, then you can go to and log in using your email address as the username and your password as the password. This is the email password that we emailed you when we set up your account. Once you have successfully logged into your email account, locate the email with the Splashtop instructions and click on the installation link.

Clicking the installation link brings you here. Click on the checkbox to see more.

Follow the instructions on the page to finish the installation.

Step 3 – Let us know that you are done. It’s best to send me an email that lets me know that Splashtop is working on your machine. Be sure you tell me the username and password you selected for your new machine. I’ll need that to log in. I’ll need about an hour or so to get the machine set up for you. I’ll set up Microsoft Office, connect your account to Outlook, install our Antivirus software, and a few other things. It’s best if you are connected to a good internet connection when we are doing this. Phone hotspots are usually not very good internet connections for this type of work. Once you get me connected there is no need for you to wait for me to finish. You are welcome to go do other things. Just give me an hour or so and I’ll let you know when I am done.

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