Using LogMeIn – Updated Version

Update: LogMeIn has made some changes over the last year and while everything in this document will still work, there are now a couple of easier ways to do the same things. I’m updating these instructions to reflect that.

The following guide will introduce you to using LogMeIn (LMI) to log into your work machine. You can log in from practically any machine with most browsers. You can use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari on either a PC or a Mac to connect.


  1. You need to set up an account on LMI using the invitation that we have sent you.



  1. After the 1st visit, you will simply go to the website at to log in using your username (email) and the password you selected or you can run the LMI client that gets installed after your first visit. You do not need to signup for an account or provide LMI with any payment information.


  2. UPDATED – It’s easier to only use the browser to connect to LMI when you aren’t using your machine. On your machine you should use the LMI Client to connect. I suggest making a shortcut on the desktop or pinning it to your taskbar. It allows you to save both the username and password of your LMI account and the login information of the target machine. That means that you only have to click on the client, allow it to connect to LMI, and then click on your machine to connect. This can eliminate the passwords and issues in the steps below.


  3. Once you are logged into the site, click the computer icon to remote control your machine. If the icon is green, then someone else is currently logged in. Your login will bump them off. Only 1 person can use that machine at a time.

  1. You will need the same username and password as you use to log into your machine.

  1. Occasionally, you may see a box asking for an access code instead of a username and password. Your account will not allow you to log in with a passcode. You MUST click the MORE button to get to the username / passcode screen.

  1. The 1st time you log in you will be directed to install a LMI Client. Please allow this to install and run. On future visits, you can simply run the client to connect to the remote computer.



    A. Switch between dual monitors

    B. Change the screen resolution (play with this for the best results)

    C. Change the image quality – lower quality is faster

    D. Send a CRTL-ALT-DELETE to the remote machine



  1. The Options Button brings up a group of more advanced controls.


  1. If you are going to do much work on the remote machine, then you want full screen mode.



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